Join our San Antonio Mobile Yoga Studio movement. Get outside, move around, and get to know downtown San Antonio and the culture of our growing healthy yoga community.
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We showcase a wide variety of local spaces that speak to and inspire our soul. The places we practice play a pivotal role in the Mobile Om experience, activating awareness of unique spaces and inviting students to seek out the beauty that surrounds them everywhere. 

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We are not here to perfectly align every asana or perform fancy yoga tricks, but simply to practice using the tool of yoga to connect, inquire and grow. We fall, get messy, and make mistakes, but we do it surrounded by friends and laughing all the way. 

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We are all about connection. Connecting with cool spaces, connecting with ourselves and, of course, connecting with each other and our community. Our classes are casual and conversation with your neighbor is strongly encouraged. 

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Our community extends beyond the mat and more often than not, you’ll find our community gathering after class for coffee, beer or a bite to eat. We even include socializing at many of our events to inspire connection and conversation. 


At the heart, Mobile Om is a friendly community of yogis who love to Explore, Practice. Connect and Socialize. 

Mobile Om is a nomadic yoga community offering an alternative to the traditional yoga studio experience. We believe that the most sacred space for yoga is not found inside any studio, temple or ashram, but instead, it is the space that we create within ourselves. From breweries to art galleries, rooftops to coffee shops, our unconventional class locations invite students to discover beauty in the every day and the power of yoga as a tool to create inner peace despite the chaos and distractions of life. our classes are casual, unpretentious and inviting to event the most reluctant of yogis. 

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Mobile Om was founded by Cassandra Fauss as an instrument to inspire connection and cultivate community through the practice of yoga. More than a yoga studio, Mobile Om is a nomadic yoga community of warm souls who love to explore new places and meet new friends. 


Mobile Om classes are primary located in and around San Antonio’s urban core. Our locations are carefully curated to ensure each one speaks to our wandering hearts. We are blessed to be able to spread our mobile yoga movement and share our nomadic vibes in some of downtown San Antonio’s most inspiring and hyper-local spaces. 
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