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Mobile Om is a San Antonio-based yoga movement that is taking yoga practice out of the studio and into unconventional and unique locations. Yoga is what we do, but creating change and building community is what we are about. Our goal is to empower our community, one breath at a time.

We are yogis passionate about sharing our love of yoga and stretching the boundaries of belief about what yoga is. We are on a mission to change the perception of yoga as an exclusive practice to a mindset that yoga is for every body, no matter your age, sex, color, size or shape.

We believe that the most sacred space for yoga is not found inside any studio, temple or ashram, but instead, it is the space that we create within ourselves. From bars to bridges, parks to parking garages, our class locations offer unique experiences that encourages students to create inner peace amongst the outer chaos of life.

While we are serious about yoga, our approach to the practice is casual and unpretentious. We know that yoga can be intimidating, so we are dedicated to creating warm and inviting experiences where you will feel welcome, whether it’s your first class or your 400th.

Mobile Om has become much more than a studio, it is a movement build and sustained by a community of people who love yoga, love life and love community.